This is the third name for this blog. Probably the last because I’m running out of energy and suffering old-age ennui. I need a place simply to vent. No, to try to say for an audience of more than myself what is on my mind.

My ego requires me to think more highly than I ought to think of myself (“. . . I say to everyone among you not to think of yourself more highly than you ought to think, but to think with sober judgment . . .” – Romans 12:3), so I am convinced that what I think, therefore, what I write, is of utmost interest and importance.

I have quoted St. Paul (or, as the Baptists among whom I grew up would say, “The Apostle Paul”) because I can’t help myself. I am religious only in that I am professionally tied to the church as an organist. If I don’t play in churches, I won’t play. Period. Furthermore, the faith and theology and verbiage of my Baptist-Minister Father permeates my consciousness so thoroughly that I don’t even try to avoid it. Besides, the Bible provides an infinite variety of quotations. And the hymnody I grew up with provides even more. So if you can’t abide a lot of religious lingo thrown around willy-nilly in non-religious contexts, you probably won’t like what I write.

I’m 72 years old. I am a technology immigrant. I don’t know the language. I don’t know where  to press on my iPhone to get from one app to another. I have no idea what an app is. I am terrified of living in a world of bots. I think Facebook and Google and Amazon are monsters ready to devour human kind as we know it.

So if you’re interested in what a grumpy old man like that has to say, stick around. If not, you are free to leave.

Oh, I am also gay, I have a PhD, I have a bizarre seizure disorder that I talk about too much, I tend toward socialism in politics, I’m a recovering alcoholic, I live alone with two decidedly unfriendly cats, and I work part-time and do a lot of volunteer stuff.

So you are welcome to read what I write or never come back here. ‘Sup to you. But I do like to discuss things, even my thoughts and ideas, with others. So I hope you’ll come back.

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