“daily trench Twitter warfare”

Aug. 1, 2012. Steve Bannon, left, and Larry Solov aim to see the late Andrew Breitbart’s… (Photo: Brian van der Brug, Los Angeles Times)

Steve Bannon has been, if not in fact, at least in spirit Trump’s strategist for some time. It would seem, at any rate, that Trump’s idea of being the President of Twitter comes from Breitbart via (most likely) Bannon. Has anyone researched Trump’s use of Twitter back to 2010? Is he going to continue to be President By Twitter, or will the “lying” media (or perhaps the sycophantic Republicans) somehow manage to shame him into stopping? Or have we slipped into the altered state of reality in which social media is the the arbiter not only of pop culture but also of affairs of state?

From New Yorker, May 24, 2010. “Rage Machine, Andrew Breitbart’s empire of bluster,” by Rebecca Mead.

“This pisses me off–this really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really pisses me off,” Breitbart said, as he sat at his desk the morning after the health-care vote. [. . . .]  he moved into office space in Santa Monica that is being provided gratis by a friend of his, Stephen K. Bannon, who is a conservative filmmaker and a former Goldman Sachs banker. Also moving in were Breitbart.com’s three Los Angeles staff members: Larry Solov, a childhood friend and a former attorney, who is Breitbart’s business partner; Darren Rush, the chief technical officer; and Alex Marlow, a young factotum who recently graduated from Berkeley. Marlow told me, “What Andrew and I have in common is that we have always lived behind enemy lines.”

[. . . .]  He checked Twitter to see what his detractors were saying about him. “How does @andrewbreitbart sleep at night knowing 32M more Americans will have health care????” Eric Boehlert, of Media Matters for America, a watchdog Web site, had written. With the left-leaning Boehlert, Breitbart engages in what he gleefully calls “daily trench Twitter warfare.”

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